Why Choose Compuboss?

Compuboss Limited. is a professional web design, development and computer specialist in Chester, Cheshire, UK. With so many web development companies out there, why choose Compuboss? It's a fair question and so below we have provided 5 reasons:

Reason 1: We keep websites simple

Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

Too many techies make building websites overly complicated for their clients’. Too many designers care more about how a website looks, than how easy it is for people to use. We pride ourselves on making e-business easy!

Reason 2: We build businesses

Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

Business websites are part of overall business strategies. We are our clients' business partners. We bring to them a wealth of e-business knowledge and experience. We make sure websites achieve business goals!

Reason 3: We provide the complete service

Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

Sure, we make graphics and create HTML web pages, but that's not all we do. We are e-business specialists. Our people are passionate about technology. We won't limit you - Whatever you want to do, we can help you do it!

Reason 4: We offer value for money

Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

We use a network of freelance specialists to keep our overheads low, and then pass those savings onto you. If you need other services besides web development, like hosting or e-payment processing, we have partnerships that will save you even more money!

Reason 5: We are our clients’ long-term partners

Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

We believe in building long-term partnerships. We have a friendly and flexible approach to developing websites, and most importantly, our people are good at what they do. Because of this, our clients ask for our help again and again!