In broad terms, design and programming, are the core services web developers offer. There’s more to developing business websites than that though. Compuboss recognises this, and as such, we provide a complete service to our clients

In this section we introduce you to some of the key component services of developing websites...


Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

We can combine research about your company and your market, strategic thinking and creativity to create the most effective design for your website ...


Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

The Compuboss has the knowledge, educational background and practical experience to develop impressive websites using a range of technologies...


Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

Many web development companies believe that, once a website has been built, their job is done..


Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

E-Commerce is about more than just accepting payments online - Arguably many businesses are doing commerce online ...

Hosting & Domain names

Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

Compuboss provides a full domain registration and management service...


Compuboss Ltd. - Webdesign company

Businesses often underestimate the importance of keeping their web site current...