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Get rid of the table layouts - August 2009

Why not to have table layout based website:

Reason 1: Not cool anymore

With table layout you are pretty much fixed and done, if you wish to make any changes you need nearly start from scratch. And is rather complicated to change even small parts of the design. With modern technologies and techniques where content is separated from the look and from the behavior it is a breeze to amend any content or look of the web presentation.

Reason 2: Easy to change the look

With techniques like CSS and unobtrusive Javascript is easy to give your website new look whenever your customers or you will have enough. You can even have users to choose their own prefered color scheme (Everybody knows that girls like pink and boys blue).

Reason 3: Future proof

With web standards, the website will work in 99% of browsers even in 10 years time. It is allways good to keep it to a standard everybody agreed on. Table layout based websites where created in dark ages of internet when web design industry was in nappies, and each designer had his own rules how it “Should be done”

Reason 4: Faster loading

Table layout based websites takes much longer to load, because the browser has to wait until the whole page is loaded and than it will show it. With web standards the elements of the page shows straight on.

Reason 5: Cheaper

Web standard based layouts are easier to mantain, change the content, the layout or look and feel. There is no need of specialist to change the content. Therefore it is way cheaper to run. And if you think "Once it is put up, there will be no changes" - think again.

Reason 6: Search engine

Web standards based web sites or easily indexed by search engines - therefore better SEO - the magic word search engine optimized.