Many web development companies believe that, once a website has been built, their job is done. This may be because Internet marketing is a quite different discipline, to the design and programming disciplines that would be central to most web development houses. Or perhaps they’ve simply not realised ‘If you build it they will come’ is simply a myth? Whatever the reason, at Compuboss, we want our clients to see the return on their investment, and as such we've made sure Internet marketing is one of our core competencies.

Compuboss works with its clients to create custom Internet marketing plans that fit their target audiences and suit their budgets. We combine our expertise in Internet marketing with our clients own knowledge of their businesses, to come up with individual marketing solutions, that ensure their target audiences find their websites, and ultimately, that their websites generate leads, enquiries and sales for their businesses.

Whilst every client we take on requires a customised strategy, most encompass a combination of some of the following:

Keywords Research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All websites build by Compuboss are by default Search Engine friendly. Which means that the website and navigation is accessible and easily readable not only by humans but also to the search engines. However Search engine optimization means that each of the pages of your website will be optimized to target part of your audience using keywords specificaly selected by a research.

Search Engine Submissions

Around 80% of all searches done online are done with the top 20 search engines. Most of these search engines require you submit your site to them, and it’s generally accepted that ongoing submissions are necessary for high ranking. We can manage this ongoing submission process to ensure your site is continually indexed and ranked.

Paid Inclusion to Search Engines and Directories

Some of the more popular search engines and directories have now introduced a fee for inclusion. For example, Yahoo, which is generally considered the best-known directory worldwide, now charges businesses an annual fee. We can help you select which paid inclusion search engines and directories are important for your website, and then enable you to successfully submit to those.

Regional and Niche Market Submissions

If your website is aimed at a particular country, niche, or specialist market, it makes good business sense to target these markets by submitting your site to specialist or country-specific directories and portals. We can ensure your online presence is strong within any applicable regional, niche or specialist markets.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis can tell you all about your website visitors - Where they come from, which phrases they search with, what pages they visit, or if even if they are first time or returning visitors. With this information, and our expert recommendations, you're in a position to make optimal strategic decisions about your website.

Advertising Campaigns

When you’re paying ‘per-view’ to have your ads displayed, creating motivating banners, which both enhance your online brand, and generate quality ‘click-thrus’ is critical. Pay-Per-View isn't the only means of advertising online though. For example, the popular search engine, Google, offers a pay ‘per-visitor’ program, where your message is only advertised to your target market, and you only pay for ‘click-thrus’. We can plan, place, monitor and provide a full post-campaign analysis for online ad campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email can be an incredible marketing channel, but it is also an area where many companies fall down. A bad email marketing campaign or ‘SPAMMING’, i.e. sending bulk unsolicited email, can be a lot more damaging to a company than anything else. We can effectively and responsibly manage email marketing campaigns.